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Vegan Helsinki budget meals

Vegan Helsinki and cheap meals

The vegan cuisine is gaining momentum all over the world and is turning into a trend. In vegan Helsinki over the past few years, the culture of restaurants and cafes has thrived. In any hypermarket, you can buy vegan products. There are special departments in the store where all the vegan products collected. In many restaurants and cafes that are not vegetarian or vegan, you will find vegan options. But let’s not forget that we are in Finland, one of the most expensive countries in the euro zone. And a simple snack can hit your pocket. Where to go to eat to spend a least of money for a full vegan dinner? So, I will tell you about the three places in Helsinki. I always use it to destroy the famine by spending a small of money.

vegan helsinki budget meals

Where to find budget vegan meals in Helsinki?

As I said before, Finland is not a cheap country. The average check for a budget meal in Helsinki is about 15 euros, remember! If you are in Helsinki for only a day or passing through, then use this travel tip  and do not spend any extra money. After all, food only needs to kill a hunger, is not it? And of course, we want to throw in our stomach as useful food as possible and not a fast food garbage. So, I’ll tell you three places in vegan Helsinki if you really need a place where to eat. Let’s go!

  1. Govindam – vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

    Open Tue-Fri 11:00-15:00, Sat 12:00pm-16:00pm. Indian (Bengal) based food.  7-11 euro per good meal

    The restaurant is set in a beautiful, old red mansion. In the same building, there is also the Krishna Temple in Helsinki. The Govindam Vegetarian Restaurant is located about a five-minute walk from Malmi Train Station. A neighboring house is a service house.

    Govindam luch in Helsinki

    Govindam lunch in Helsinki

    This is the best place for the price and usefulness of cooked food.On Tuesdays and Thursdays, lunch is completely vegan! That’s what I’ll tell you – these guys know how to cook what’s really tasty and useful. There are three options for the size of a serving – a small, medium and large plate. Usually, it is soup, the second dish and a glass of water. Take an average portion and half a day you will forget about hunger. It will be about nine euros. Also separately you can buy some Indian sweetness. A full dinner cooked with love. Based on Indian tradition, Ayurveda and devotion. Also, has a Sunday feast. That feast consists of a large variety of really tasty dishes served at the end of a temple program. 4 pm every Sunday, free of charge or for donation and everyone welcomes!Really helps in expensive vegan Helsinki!

  2. Loving Hut Helsinki – vegan restaurant.

     Open Mon-Sat 11:00- 18:00 but may vary. All-you-can-eat buffet, fully vegan Asian/Vietnamese. 10 euro

    This is a wonderful place to be in the famous district of Kallio. And it is a part of an international chain of vegan restaurants. For 10 euros you can eat as much as you can. Very friendly staff. The tofu which in the dishes they make themselves. If you are hungry strolling through the streets of Helsinki, then this is the place where you will fill your belly. And after, you will forget to think about food for a long time. All-you-can-eat buffet for only 10 euro. Here you will find vegan versions of Asian/Vietnamese food from sushi to pork in sweet and sour sauce. Still not hungry?

    Loving Hut Helsinki buffet

    Loving Hut Helsinki buffet

    Once having come here to dine with a girl, we surprised by the ratio of the price and the excellent quality of the food. Eat how much it will fit, but this meal I tell you causes a desire to eat even when you mastered your full plate. Dishes completely copying the taste of dishes from pork or beef in texture and taste. Awesome sushi and fantastic taste of salads. You can sit in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy delicious Asian / Vietnamese food. It is not only very tasty but also useful.


  3. Pizza Express Kruununhaka – A pizzeria in Vegan Helsinki with a huge vegan choice.

    everyday 11:00-0:00. Vegan pizzas, Voners, Falafels, Pastas. 8-13 euro

    And this is an option on Sunday or when the hunger caught you late in the evening in Helsinki. This is an excellent chain of pizzerias with the delivery of pizza and other food. One of the few places that really work at 11 pm as stated. A small room, but a huge selection of vegan options for pizza, kebab, falafel, pasta. For a relatively small fee, you will get your big vegan pizza or Voner. All made from good fresh food.

    Voner pizza with vegan cheese in Pizza Express Kruununhaka

    Voner pizza with vegan cheese in Pizza Express Kruununhaka

    One day my friend and I were on a Sunday in Helsinki. We worked on the horizontal bars on the embankment of the city and strolled sensed a sickly famine. We were disappointed because the places described above did not work on this day, and many others too. Then I remembered about this place and we went there. We pleased with the open door and a huge assortment of vegan food. Excellent Voner pizza with vegan cheese killed my hunger for half a day. 

So, now you know three cool places in vegan Helsinki. You will quench your hunger by spending a least of money for Finland. Read and other articles on this site about how to save on rental housing and what vegan food to take to the road so as not to go to restaurants and cafes. See you!


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