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How to get to Riga Airport cheap

Riga airport is an international airport, many people from different countries use it. How to get to on a budget, as well as other tips for smart travelers in this article.

riga international airport

How to get to Riga airport cheap

Why is the Riga airport very convenient?

The international airport of Riga, Latvia is very convenient. The Riga airport is only 13 kilometers from the city center. This is the place from where you can budget travel to different countries and where many low-costers. Direct flights to over 90 destinations in 30 countries. But for sure many were wondering how to get to the airport. There are many ways how to get there: bus, minibus, taxi, airline buses. We interested in the most simple and budgetary option – a Bus. 

The best way to get to the Riga airport



Remember- if you use Lux Express buses to Riga from Russia, etc., they will take you to the Riga airport. The most simple and budgetary option to get to Riga Airport is the bus 22. And the best place for landing is a stop on the street Janvara iela. This stop is equally close to the central railway station and the international bus station of the city of Riga and the closest if you go from the old town. Travel in the city of Riga is cheap. If you buy a ticket from the driver it will cost 2 euros, but even cheaper to buy an e-ticket, it costs 1.15 euros. You can buy e-ticket in any kiosk as well as in ticket machines and it gives you the right to make one trip on any public transport.

e-ticket Riga

e-ticket to public transport in Riga, Latvia.

When you entering public transport – bus, trolleybus or tram, apply a yellow or a blue e-ticket to an electronic validator. Bus 22 has direct services between the airport and the city center. The bus goes often enough. The time from the city center to the airport takes 30 minutes, the bus stops right in front of the terminal.

bus 22 to Riga airport

the best way to get to the Riga airport – bus 22

The bus is blue-white, with the electronic inscription Lidosta, which means the airport. If you want to occupy 100% seats in the bus and you have the time you can pass to the initial bus stop 22 on Abrenes iela street –

How to take seats in the bus 22 which goes to Riga airport

Uses Abrenes iela bus 22 stop to 100% have seats and Janvara iela bus stop if you do not have enough time and if you go from the center or train/bus station.

Arriving in the morning in Riga, we never bought food until we flew to another country using this travel tip

So, once again –

  • Buy a one-way e-ticket in any kiosk (for example Narvesen)or ticket machine – 1,15 euro
  • Go to Janvara iela street bus stop or Abrenes iela street bus stop if you want 100% to take a seat.
  • You need white-blue bus number 22
  • In half an hour you are right at the threshold of the Riga airport terminal
bus 22 bus stop Janvara iela

Bus 22 stop to Riga airport on Janvara iela street

Other lifehacks –

Wish you to successfully reach the Riga airport and have a good flight!


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How to Get Cheap Accommodation When Booking a Hotel

how to get cheap accommodation when you book a hotel

So you are going on a trip, but your budget is not very large.As you know most of your budget will be spent on accommodation. You want to rent a hotel but at the same time get a favorable offer for the price and quality. Do you want to get cheap accommodation when you are booking a hotel? Then I will tell you how to get the best options for you. You can find a very good hotel option at an attractive price.

How to book a cheap hotel?

Here are my tips on how to get a cheap hotel:

  • Always, remember always, be prepared in advance.
  • And after, determine what your budget is. Know exactly how much you can spend.
  • View all the sights that interest you and proceed from this look at the optimal location. If housing is too far away, you will be constantly wasted to travel every day to get to the museum or other attractions, which in some countries is quite expensive.
  • If the trip is to take place during the peak season, always book in advance. Later prices will be much higher.
  • Use several sites to compare prices. And then go to the official site of the hotel that you have chosen. Sometimes there are special offers and discounts.
  • Сompare the price and the hotel itself. Sometimes a difference of ten dollars will give you a larger room and breakfast for free.
  • Look at a few blogs and sites about how best to book hotels. So you will form a vision that suits you.
  • Read reviews on several resources like Tripadvisor and Google about the hotels that you liked.
  • Do not look at the number of stars in the hotel. Sometimes a three-star hotel is much more comfortable and practical more expensive four-star.
  • Be sure that you need a hotel if not – you can go and other options, so read an article that will help you

And after that all you need this list-

Absolutely good booking sites you need to know

HotelsCombined – This is an excellent site aggregator, allowing you to choose a hotel and see its price on various resources.

Priceline.com – Also good site to find cheap accommodation. Plus they have a special option Express Deal when you do not know the name of the hotel, but it’s a special very good price. You can choose the location and stars of the hotel without a name. You can save 18% – 60% by the deal.

Booking.com – A proven site for booking hotels all over the world. Very often, reservations can cancel without losing money. If you booked it multiple times, your account acquires the genius status and you receive special offers.

Agoda.com – This is a wholesale placement site that has the influence and purchasing power for negotiating and buying hotel rooms in bulk and on a regular basis. The best way to use if need to book cheap accommodation in Southeast Asia. Its top specialist in Asia.

Hotelz.com – This is an option for those who want to save, by sacrificing comfort. The most budget hostels and campsites as well as the university dorms. The best one to find cheap accommodation in Boston.

Now you’re almost ready to make the right choice.

Other tips about how to get cheap accommodation

  • Compare prices on all resources above. Perhaps there are special offers somewhere.
  • But, if somewhere the price of $ 320 is indicated, but today and only today the number is worth $ 60 not to book. Go to the official site of the hotel. Most often this is just a trick.
  • Agoda.com produces more results than booking.com in Asia, but not always. For example, in Ubud, it turned out that the booking.com base is more.
  • If you need a hotel in the US or Europe it’s better to use booking.com
  • But, aggregators find more hotels than booking systems, for example, HotelsCombined .

Now having reserved a suitable hotel it remains to learn  what food to take on the road  so as not to spend a lot of money and be full when moving.





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10 best Airbnb alternatives to you

best Airbnb alternatives

This is not the only alternative to Airbnb

If Airbnb site not your box of chocolates

Brothers and sisters, many of you know the site as Airbnb, but there are also people for whom this site is not their cup of tea. We live in a vast world and everyone has the right to have choices and to choose what he needs. The more we know, the more likely it is to find the perfect one.

The best 5 Airbnb competitors analysis for you:

There are many excellent and not very sites that can be a good alternative for Airbnb. This is for you a list of the best sites that can replace Airbnb:

  • wimdu.com – Good design, clear interface, more than in 150 countries,
    Europe’s one of the biggest portals for city and holiday apartments renting
  • tripping.com -A good search engine for rental housing, you can rent from cheapest apt to luxury suites. A good single site for Airbnb Competitors in one place.
  • homeaway.com – Not such an extensive selection of apartments as on Airbnb, but there are interesting options. From individual rooms to apartments, exotic villas or traditional houses.
  • perfectplaces.com – 75,000 vacation rentals

Another 5 Airbnb alternatives for you:

  • 9flats.com – This service, first of all, specializes in rooms, but individual apartments can also found and they come across in a general search. Looks like a private community of people renting short term accommodation to each other.
  • flipkey.com – Flipkey is a service by a TripAdvisor. Many different options supplemented by comments of people from a TripAdvisor site. Everything is clear and convenient, there is plenty to choose from
  • onefinestay.com – A very small selection of cities. Accommodation for visitors while the homeowner is out of town. Seems like not for budget travelers.
  • casamundo.com – Quite a good site, many different options to choose from for every taste and budget. You may book a house in Norway for 180 euros per week, not a bad.
  • kidandcoe.com – The site is more focused on families with children, but the search results are not a bad. The price is average.
  • tujia.com – Finally, It’s for those who dream of becoming a Super Host in China. There’s a Chinese alternative for that. Use translator.

If you have already decided on the choice of a site to book your stay, read here what to take with you on the road so you do not waste money and kill your hunger.

Are you still decide to use Airbnb? Be aware that almost all coupons are no longer working. But, you have a chance now to register and get a free discount from me for your first booking.


Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.com

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