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How to get to/from Oslo Sandefjord Torp airport

How to travel between Oslo city center and Sandefjord Torp Airport

Sandefjord Torp airport

Arrive at Sandefjord Torp airport, Norway.

The writing of this post precedes my personal story. I and my good friend Valek bought cheap tickets from Riga to Oslo by Wizz Air. We were very happy with such a successful buy. But later, after seeing the airport of arrival under the name Oslo Sandefjørd Torp, we were a little taken aback – 110 km from Oslo! We climbed up to look for all sorts of information and it took us a while. But thanks to this article, you guys will definitely know all about how to get to Oslo from Sandefjørd Torp airport and back. And not forget to use my travel tips What food to take in the road to save money during your way to/from the airport and during your journey.

Transport to/from Oslo Sandefjord Torp Airport

So, from the airport of Sandefjord Torp to the center of Oslo, there are three ways – a bus, train or car.

  • Train Torp-Oslo/Oslo-Torp – here all info about , train station Torp not far. From the airport, there is a free shuttle bus that brings you to the platform right at the time of arrival of the train. Use this site to check and to book tickets –  nsb.no  or download and use NSB app on your phone. The journey takes about 1 hours 45 minutes.
train Torp-Oslo/Oslo-Torp

NSB train to/from Torp


  • Torp Express bus – Stop right in front of the exit from the airport.Go about 2 hours. Ticket fares and Timetable.


Express bus from Torp airport to Oslo

Torp airport Express bus to Oslo


  • Car Torp-Oslo/Oslo-Torp – If you rent a car you can follow E18 to Oslo. from Oslo to Torp use E18 but a direction to Drammen. Also, you can book a taxi but it will be very expensive!

Best transport to/from Oslo Sandefjord Torp airport

We interest in the golden mean – for the price and convenient. The best option is the train!

So, just leave the airport and a little bit to the left before the exit you will see a free shuttle bus, go and take a seat.

Torp Sandefjord airport free shuttle bus

Sandefjord Torp airport free shuttle bus to train station Torp

Five minutes after the bus will go you will be at the railway station. The shuttle arrives right at the arrival of the train.Go and take a seat at NSB train to Oslo!

Torp Sandefjord trainstation

Torp Sandefjord train station

After 1 hour and 40 minutes, you will be in the center of Oslo. On the way from the window, you will see beautiful views of Norwegian nature and small towns that you will pass through. The train makes stops in passing cities. So, if you need to go out for example in Drammen – this is the train that suits you, too.

Train Torp-Oslo

Train Torp-Oslo

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