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How to get to Riga Airport cheap

Riga airport is an international airport, many people from different countries use it. How to get to on a budget, as well as other tips for smart travelers in this article.

riga international airport

How to get to Riga airport cheap

Why is the Riga airport very convenient?

The international airport of Riga, Latvia is very convenient. The Riga airport is only 13 kilometers from the city center. This is the place from where you can budget travel to different countries and where many low-costers. Direct flights to over 90 destinations in 30 countries. But for sure many were wondering how to get to the airport. There are many ways how to get there: bus, minibus, taxi, airline buses. We interested in the most simple and budgetary option – a Bus. 

The best way to get to the Riga airport



Remember- if you use Lux Express buses to Riga from Russia, etc., they will take you to the Riga airport. The most simple and budgetary option to get to Riga Airport is the bus 22. And the best place for landing is a stop on the street Janvara iela. This stop is equally close to the central railway station and the international bus station of the city of Riga and the closest if you go from the old town. Travel in the city of Riga is cheap. If you buy a ticket from the driver it will cost 2 euros, but even cheaper to buy an e-ticket, it costs 1.15 euros. You can buy e-ticket in any kiosk as well as in ticket machines and it gives you the right to make one trip on any public transport.

e-ticket Riga

e-ticket to public transport in Riga, Latvia.

When you entering public transport – bus, trolleybus or tram, apply a yellow or a blue e-ticket to an electronic validator. Bus 22 has direct services between the airport and the city center. The bus goes often enough. The time from the city center to the airport takes 30 minutes, the bus stops right in front of the terminal.

bus 22 to Riga airport

the best way to get to the Riga airport – bus 22

The bus is blue-white, with the electronic inscription Lidosta, which means the airport. If you want to occupy 100% seats in the bus and you have the time you can pass to the initial bus stop 22 on Abrenes iela street –

How to take seats in the bus 22 which goes to Riga airport

Uses Abrenes iela bus 22 stop to 100% have seats and Janvara iela bus stop if you do not have enough time and if you go from the center or train/bus station.

Arriving in the morning in Riga, we never bought food until we flew to another country using this travel tip

So, once again –

  • Buy a one-way e-ticket in any kiosk (for example Narvesen)or ticket machine – 1,15 euro
  • Go to Janvara iela street bus stop or Abrenes iela street bus stop if you want 100% to take a seat.
  • You need white-blue bus number 22
  • In half an hour you are right at the threshold of the Riga airport terminal
bus 22 bus stop Janvara iela

Bus 22 stop to Riga airport on Janvara iela street

Other lifehacks –

Wish you to successfully reach the Riga airport and have a good flight!


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