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The best vegan food on the road in the world

the best way to predict your future is to create it.- Abraham Lincoln

The best way to predict your future is to create it. – Abraham Lincoln

Best Steps to Eating Vegan food on The Road

What kind of vegan food to take on the road and pay zero after? you have a long trip on the bus or you need to wait between the planes at the airport. And can you be an athlete and a regular intake of food you need? Are you willing to pay for one stupid unripe banana at the airport two dollars or euros? No? So those thoughts about food do not fill your head, I’ll tell you what is optimal to take along on the road. Girlfriend wraps you potatoes and fried tofu, well, you, we appreciate the place in our backpack, sir.

Take care in advice about taking food for your vegan travel

Take care beforehand that your stomach is not empty during the journey. Do not spend money on a snack on a train or plane. All vegan food and snacks are many times more expensive at train stations and airports. Go on the eve of a trip to the hypermarket where at the lowest prices you can buy the snacks you need. Estimate how much you are usually hungry and at what time to calculate how much vegan food you need.

What to take with you to eat on the road

eating snack on the bus

So what do we take with us to save space, be satiated and feel good? let’s take healthy vegan food snacks for road trips and here are my tips:

  • Special snacks, such as a sports bar or vegan protein bars, they will give you the right amount of protein and energy. It is convenient, satisfying and practical.


  • Gozinaki or halva bars. Excellent fit to chew on the train or bus. They have enough protein and they quickly kill hunger because they have a lot of good fat.


  • Dry vegan protein. Buy small packets or collect the composition of the protein themselves. Take a special shaker glass. At any time you will replenish your body with nutrients. It is very convenient and practical.


  • Bananas. Pre-selected by you personally and bought at a low price in a regular store will help you feel full and supplement your body with useful substances.


  • Baby food in soft packages. It’s a real life for your move. A sweet dish or a real dinner. Everything is balanced and absolutely will not hurt your stomach. Takes up little space.


  •  Nut mixtures. Occupy little space. It is convenient even in such a situation when there is not enough time or opportunity for eating. The cost of resources will be minimal, and the benefits to the body – a colossal one. It is convenient even in such a situation when there is not enough time or opportunity for eating.


  • Sandwiches. Yes, it is convenient, it also does not take much space. Do them yourself in advance. In purchased sandwiches a lot of debris for your body – preservatives, harmful fats, carcinogens and anything. Imagine, you will chew sitting in the vehicle’s seat and remember the person close to you who from the very bottom of his heart did it for you.


  • Water. It is necessary to take it anyway. Buy in advance the usual clean, not sparkling water. Remember, sometimes the feeling of hunger actually signals what you want to drink. On the road, water will be more expensive and you will not have much to choose from.

    Calculate the amount of vegan food you need, depending on your needs and time on the road.

    Next time I will tell you that you should not take with you…

    Tell me in the comments about what kind of food you take usually with you on the road


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