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How to make wonderful yeastless bread from the pine bark

Reconstructed ancient Karelian recipe of Yeastless Bread made from a Pine Bast

Bread from Pine

reconstructed ancient Karelian recipe, Yeastless bread from Pine bast


Yeastless Bread from the pine bark? Yes, you see this in the picture above. In Karelia, from the earliest times until the beginning of the twentieth century, baked yeastless bread from pine bark. It is necessary to prepare the pine bark in the required quantity for baking bread. The bark of the pine is very tart, stiff and resinous, and is not suitable for food. Only its inner part used – sapwood (bast) – a layer between the outer bark and the tree. The thicker the pine – the thicker the layer of sapwood. The forehead has the color of wood, it has a fibrous structure, soft, but bitter, with a taste of resin. Collect it better in the spring. Karelians removed the upper layer of the cortex, leaving the lower one, and then separated it from the trunk, which we did. Continue reading

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