The only one park with Adolf’s crypt

Why is Shuvalovsky Park the secret ingredient of your travel in Saint-Petersburg? and how to find Adolf’s crypt?

St. Petersburg is a city on the River Neva, the northern capital of the Russian Federation, a window to Europe. How beautiful to be in this glorious city. Museums and beautiful streets, works of art and white nights, many heard something about St. Petersburg. Perfect and famous to the whole world city center with its cathedrals and parks. But you might want to see something beautiful on the outskirts, stopping at North of the city? Your view from the window parked cars and monotonous houses? But have you heard about Shuvalovsky Park? No, then I’ll tell you about the only one park with Adolf’s crypt. And you even don’t need Russian currency to go in here. 

Not from Guidebook Sightseeing in north of Saint-Petersburg

Unlike the world-famous suburbs of St. Petersburg – Peterhof, Strelna, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina and others located in the south of the city – the northern neighborhood of St. Petersburg is almost not specified in the guidebooks, including Shuvalovsky Park. This is a historic park in the village of Pargolovo, the former estate of the Shuvalov Counts, located in the north of St. Petersburg. You need to get to the metro station Ozerki or the Prospect of Enlightenment and then change to the 58 tram by reaching the “Universam” stop, then go straight under the bridge to Zarechnaya Street. In the park, it is best to use offline maps.

Short history of Shuvalovsky Park

The history of the park is interesting enough, Peter himself 1 gave this park to his daughter Elizabeth immediately after the Northern War. The park area is approximately 142 hectares. The park takes its name from the Shuvalov Counts who owned these lands.
The main attractions of the park that I can highlight are –
  • The Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul 
  • Adolf’s crypt
  • Ruins of the Tuff arch and the Cold Bath
  • Mountains New Parnassus and Old Parnassus
The remaining attractions located on the territory of the Institute of high-frequency currents named after V.P. Vologdin and are inaccessible to those who walk in the park.
The cascading ponds located at the foot of Parnassus have irregular geometric outlines. The upper one is a small Triangular pond, hidden in thickets. The two ponds below connected by ducts. The vast lower pond connected by two channels with small rectangular ponds located on its sides and called the “Napoleon’s Shirt”. Above it is another pond – smaller, reminiscent of its outline of a cocked hat and called “Cap Napoleon.”

Adolf’s crypt near Church

Adolf’s crypt


But what about Adolf’s crypt you can ask? Is it the same Adolf that everyone thought about? And he managed to build himself a crypt in the north of Leningrad itself? How is this possible?
Yes, it is Adolf’s crypt, but I hasten to disappoint you – it is the crypt of Count Adolf Polje, who lived in these places for a short time, but thanks to him the park has pried up the kind in which to stay until now. All his projects the Count never realized dying of consumption, but his death brought new notes to the park. The grieving spouse turned the park into a corner of mourning in the Gothic style. The memorial included Adolf’s crypt leading to him from the lake Adolf’s alley and the church of the Saints. The Apostles Peter and Paul.

Gothic Church Of Shuvalovsky Park in Saint-Petersburg

This church the main sightseeing of this park. It laid in 1831 by architect Bryullov. Despite the Gothic forms, it is close all the same to the architecture of Russian classicism. If open, you can go into the building of the church and admire its decoration. Here, next to the church, beautiful photographs obtained, especially if you grab a bunker and a church. In any weather and season, a chic look.

Walk in Shuvalovsky Park in Saint-Petersburg

In the park there are a lot of centuries-old fir trees and hills, there is beautiful fresh air, and in the winter pure snow. Often locals are walking around here, and in winter, children are sledding. You can meet a variety of people moms and dads with wheelchairs, athletes and play children, elderly couples and youth lovers. Come to the north of the city and go for a walk in Shuvalovsky Park, you will be a person who now knows the sights not only from the guidebook but also can boast that you saw Adolf’s crypt!

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