Yeastless Bread from a Pine Bark

 Yeastless bread from Pine bast

Does it possible to make bread from a pine? I say to you – YES! its vegan bread and its 3 ingredients bread. my baking –



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The only one park with Adolf’s crypt

Why is Shuvalovsky Park the secret ingredient of your travel in Saint-Petersburg? and how to find Adolf’s crypt?

St. Petersburg is a city on the River Neva, the northern capital of the Russian Federation, a window to Europe. How beautiful to be in this glorious city. Museums and beautiful streets, works of art and white nights, many heard something about St. Petersburg. Perfect and famous to the whole world city center with its cathedrals and parks. But you might want to see something beautiful on the outskirts, stopping at North of the city? Your view from the window parked cars and monotonous houses? But have you heard about Shuvalovsky Park? No, then I’ll tell you about the only one park with Adolf’s crypt. And you even don’t need Russian currency to go in here. 

Not from Guidebook Sightseeing in north of Saint-Petersburg

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How to make wonderful winter walk on the Helsinki islands

the best winter escape to the Helsinki islands

escape to the Helsinki islands

The best escape to the Helsinki islands

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, a beautiful and unusual city in any weather, a city in which everyone will find for themselves something special and charming.Helsinki consists of around 330 islands, providing a great getaway from the noisy city. Looking for interesting ideas for a winter walk in Helsinki? Want an unusual winter walk? Did you walk in the winter in Helsinki archipelago? Is it tempting? Then this article is especially for you! It will for your good alternative for escape room in Helsinki against a big city and noises.

Here all you need about that

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Why nature’s gift for early risers are cuter than a kitten

Nature’s gift for early risers 


Today I decided to start showing simple but beautiful things around us and it was a nice bonus for an early awakening. Why post like this? Because all starts at sunrise – a new day, a new shift, new stories. I woke up and did gymnastics when I saw such a wonderful dawn. Are you remember the words of Aristotle? He said – “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom”. As a child, I always woke up early, I lay and looked at the ceiling. Later when I bored, I tried in every possible way to wake my parents. I did not feel overwhelmed or asleep. And now I again begin to feel the same, the same feelings and sensation Lightness as in childhood. Look at this beautiful sunrise, it fascinates. There are a lot of articles on the topic of how much you need to wake up, but the best option I’ll tell you is it’s up until 6 am, before sunrise, not in vain the most ancient texts of Ayurveda say. Try it and nature will give you a gift)