My Personal Approach

Do this world better firstly

I write to share my experience and my impressions with my travels and about my straight edge and vegan lifestyle

im open to work with magazines and blogs

My True Story

It was a warm autumn of 2013 when I took my backpack and thermos with coffee, bought a ticket to Helsinki at one end. I was close to be fired from work, almost expelled from the group where I was a vocalist, I just broke up with my girlfriend.Starting this day i left behind alcohol,drugs,bad food and bad thoughts. And this turned my life forever.I saw world from different views that i never saw before.Nature,Landscapes, Sea, Animals .

Meet the Team

Hello world! My name is Aleksei Remizov, I do this site for everybody to share with you my impressions , to show , to teach, to help, to connect


Remizov Aleksei


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sXe , Vegan , Traveller , Musician

Next Steps…

Kill your bad thoughts , like yourselfs as you are, travel as much as you can

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