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Why nature’s gift for early risers are cuter than a kitten

Nature’s gift for early risers 


Today I decided to start showing simple but beautiful things around us and it was a nice bonus for an early awakening. Why post like this? Because all starts at sunrise – a new day, a new shift, new stories. I woke up and did gymnastics when I saw such a wonderful dawn. Are you remember the words of Aristotle? He said – “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom”. As a child, I always woke up early, I lay and looked at the ceiling. Later when I bored, I tried in every possible way to wake my parents. I did not feel overwhelmed or asleep. And now I again begin to feel the same, the same feelings and sensation Lightness as in childhood. Look at this beautiful sunrise, it fascinates. There are a lot of articles on the topic of how much you need to wake up, but the best option I’ll tell you is it’s up until 6 am, before sunrise, not in vain the most ancient texts of Ayurveda say. Try it and nature will give you a gift)